Chinese Panda Silver Coins

Main Features

  • .999 fineness
  • Legal tender in China
  • Backed by Chinese Government
  • Minted to bullion standard
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRA

About Chinese Panda Silver Coins

Manufactured from .999 fine silver and featuring a unique design year on year, the Chinese Silver Panda Coins are silver bullion coins that are highly popular with both collectors and investors. Silver Panda coins pay tribute to the adorable bears and serve as a reminder of the threat posed to the panda's survival. Chinese Silver Pandas are manufactured to high standards and are a valuable asset that belong in every retirement portfolio.

History of Chinese Silver Panda Coins

Chinese Silver Panda Coins were first issued in 1983, one year after the first Chinese Panda gold coins. The silver issue were proof quality, and for the first three years a maximum of 10,000 coins were minted.

The original mintage only contained 90% fine silver, which was an unusual decision for silver bullion. The fineness was increased to 99.9% in 1987 to bring the Chinese Panda in line with other leading silver bullion coins on the market.

The coins pay tribute to the panda, China’s national animal. Every year, the design of the panda changes, other than the mintage year 2001 and 2002. Collectors were quick to make their displeasure known, and ever since the designs have been upgraded year on year.

The Chinese Silver Panda is currently issued in five denominations, and since 2016 have followed the metric system, which replaced the troy ounce weight system.

Why buy Silver Chinese Panda Coins?

Chinese Panda silver coins are highly coveted. They are popular with silver bullion investors as well as numismatists. There are various reasons why they are so popular. First of all, there are not many other bullion coins that change their designs every year. Therefore, the Chinese Panda makes an appealing collection.

In addition, the stunning designs of the panda are incredibly detailed and reflect some of the most advanced minting techniques used today. This, combined with the high level of purity, makes them popular items for investors and collectors.

The limited mintages and the tiny anomalies in the design add to the appeal for collectors. As a result, Chinese Silver Panda Coins regularly fetch more than the silver spot price, making them an excellent choice for an IRA investment.

Design of Chinese Silver Panda Coins

The first thing of note about the Silver Panda Coins is the high quality of the designs. The pandas featured on the reverse change each year and show exquisite attention to detail which reflects the high-quality of minting techniques used.

On the obverse side, the coins display the Taoist Temple of Heaven, an architectural treasure that dates back to the 15th century. Above, Chinese characters spell out “The People’s Republic of China.”

Until 2015, the coins had a stamp of weight and purity. The face value is stamped on each coin, ranging from 3 Yuan for the smallest up to 33 Yuan for the 1kg coin. However, the market value of each coin is a lot higher and calculated in accordance with today’s spot prices. It’s also worth noting that the coins do not have mint marks.

Chinese Silver Panda Coins: IRA Investment

Chinese Silver Panda Coins consist of .999 fine silver, and are guaranteed by the Chinese Government. Thanks to the high-quality of production, Silver Panda coins qualify for IRAs in the United States.

Silver is an affordable investment compared to other precious metals, and is therefore accessible to investors of all budgets. Silver prices move independently of stocks and bonds. Trusted by professional traders, silver is a reliable commodity which is used to hedge against assets that typically lose money when the economy faces a downturn. Silver coins are therefore a smart investment for self-directed precious metal IRAs.

However, not all Chinese Panda coins are eligible for pension funds. While they meet the IRS purity requirement, coins produced before 2016 are not approved, while some versions from 2016 are IRA-approved. The reason is that they are deemed more collectible than bullion coins and have a premium over the spot silver price that exceeds the amount savers are permitted to add to an IRA in any one year.

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