Umicore Gold Bars

Main Features

  • 999.9 fineness
  • Leading gold bullion bars
  • High-quality eco-engineering
  • Certified by LBMA
  • Eligible for Gold IRA

About Umicore Gold Bars

Investing in 24-karat gold bars gives you all the recognized benefits of precious metal products. In addition, Umicore gold bars are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association and are certified as a responsible manufacturer of precious metal products. For investors that care about protecting the environment and want to bolster your IRA with a reliable investment vehicle, Umicore gold bullion bars fulfill both requirements.

History of Umicore Gold Bars

Umicore was established in 1989 with the intention of recycling products that contain precious metals. Their mission is to produce high-quality bullion products using an eco-friendly system that is sustainable and provides value to the environment.

The company’s recycling facility in Belgium is the largest of its kind and continuously invests in state-of-the-art technology to reuse valuable metals in products such as catalytic convertors, rechargeable batteries and around 20 other electrical products.

In June 2013, Umicore was recognised for its efforts by the London Bullion Market Association Responsible Gold Audit as a ‘London Good Delivery’ gold refiner – an award given to a select few precious metal refineries that meet modern engineering standards for responsible metal extraction and does not abuse human rights.

Why buy Gold Umicore Bullion?

Gold bullion bars shares the same characteristics as bullion coins and are recognised as a superior investment for retirement portfolios. The only significant difference between bars and coins is that bullion bars carry a lower premium when buying and selling.

Furthermore, central banks prefer to hold gold bars because they are better suited for storage and represent a bulk investment that is more valuable than individual coins. Gold bars are also more economical to produce and easier to secure, yet are still subject to the same gold spot price as bullion coins.

Professional traders and smart investors opt for gold in retirement portfolios because of its strength to hedge against paper-backed assets. Gold is regarded as a significantly better investment than storing fiat currencies which notoriously lose value during a slowdown in the economy.

Umicore gold ingots are an ideal investment for owners of self-directed IRAs looking to diversify your investment portfolio. They are particularly suited to investors that are not interested in the design, collectibility and numismatic value associated with bullion coins. Thanks to the low premium rates that are marginally above spot price, you are more likely to pay less per ounce by investing in Umicore gold bars.

Design of Gold Umicore Bullion Bars

Umicore products are made from precious metals extracted from recycled materials. The most basic gold bars are refined and stamped with weight, purity and the year of mintage, together with the manufacturers name and logo.

Since 2017, Umicore gold bars have been presented in attractive packaging with advanced security features and a certificate of authenticity. The new protocol enhances the holographic label embedded in gold bars to protect investors from receiving counterfeit goods.

Umicore also produce gold bars in a wide range of weights in order to make their products accessible to investors of all budgets. Umicore gold bars are available from as small as 1g to the largest bars weighing 1kg. Small gold bars offer flexibility to investors that intend to liquidate gold assets quickly whilst larger bars are better suited to long-term investors.

Umicore Gold Bars: IRA Investment

Not all gold bullion bars are suitable for Gold IRA’s. The IRS has a strict policy in accordance with US legislation which stipulates bullion bars must meet high quality standards before they can be considered as a suitable investment for a pension fund.

Manufactured with a 999.9 fineness, Umicore gold bars are eligible for IRA’s in the US because they meet the qualifying purity standards. Furthermore, adding gold bars to your IRA offers you tax advantages you would not ordinarily get if you simply invested in gold.

Smart investors include gold in their pension portfolio because of its reputation to increase in value over the long-term. Gold always performs well in times of financial strife and is used by professional traders to hedge against currency-backed assets which typically fall in value. Financial advisors always recommend investors to diversify your pension portfolio and Umicore gold bars offer a perfect solution.

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